About ¡BIEN!

We are a select team of graduate students focused on researching multicultural issues and Latino/a values as it relates to education, teaching, service, and counseling psychology.  With our research and action, we hope to provide an impact in the community by offering services to local community resource centers.
Our goals are to produce multiculturally valid research, to provide services to the neighboring community, to forge alliances with surrounding resources,  and to disseminate knowledge through presentations and publications.

¡BIEN! was originally founded by Ed Delgado-Romero and his team of graduate student researchers in 2013.

The student members of ¡BIEN! work together to conceptualize new studies, critique and revise existing studies and manuscripts, provide new avenues for advocacy and outreach efforts, and to provide support to colleagues.
The team is revitalized with new members each school year, and each member’s longstanding goal is to contribute to a body of knowledge that can inform new research ideas and designs for future members.


In 2015, Edward Enrique Delgado-Polo, PhD completed a study on ¡BIEN!, detailing the historical research completed by the team.  Check it out here.

Inside Dr. Delgado-Polo’s presentation, you will find a detailed history of the diverse research endeavors that are conceptualized, initialized, and completed by the ¡BIEN! team, as well as the outcomes of the current and former members pre- and post-graduation.  It should be noted that new avenues of research are equally welcomed.