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The ¡BIEN! Research Team is a research and service team under the direction of Edward Delgado-Romero, PhD, a professor in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program in the College of Education at the University of Georgia. ¡BIEN! is currently composed of 18 doctoral and masters graduate students, one undergraduate CURO scholar and 24 graduates.

The idea for ¡BIEN! began in 2005 when Dr. Delgado-Romero came to the University of Georgia. He envisioned a collaborative research team focused on serving under-served and marginalized populations in a culturally competent and empowering way. In 2011 the team formally became ¡BIEN! when we were asked to provide outreach to the Athens Latino Center for Education and Services. We put together an exercise and nutrition program and formed the Behavioral Intervention for Exercise and Nutrition – ¡BIEN!

Since 2011 the team has grown in scope and numbers. We have kept the name but ¡BIEN! is the collective name for the many multicultural projects that are going on in our team. Dr. Delgado-Romero’s tenets for the team include: give psychology away, leave communities better for your presence, increase the multicultural competence of all psychologists and counselors, and demystify the research process for both he community and for graduate students. The goal of ¡BIEN! is to leave a positive impact on communities where there is mutual benefit and increased trust in the research and service of psychologists.

¡BIEN! is a diverse team of scholars who are interested in cultural and linguistic competent psychological research and service. Our goals are to produce multiculturally valid research, to provide services to the neighboring community, to forge alliances with surrounding resources, and to disseminate knowledge through presentations and publications.

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Ed Delgado-Romero, PhD